What can PR do for my business?

… is a question I’m asked frequently. Business owners are keen to understand the role PR can play as part of their marketing strategy. They know that PR is important and want to know what it can do for their company. Hopefully this blog offers some answers for those wondering whether PR is appropriate, whether it warrants the financial investment and, crucially, how results will be measured.

So, what can PR do for your business?

Building credibility and safeguarding reputation

PR is a key element of any marketing strategy but, unlike advertising, which is more easily understood, it is sometimes still considered a bit of a dark art.

Whereas advertising and paid-for opportunities will certainly help you get your message across – such as promoting a new product or service, for example – earned media offers credibility that cannot be bought via commercial opportunities. Earned media will help to build and safeguard a good reputation, uphold ethics and demonstrate responsible business.

However, it’s important to remember that media relations forms just one part of a comprehensive PR strategy to deliver long-term, tangible results for a business or brand.

Attracting talent

Recruitment is proving challenging for many businesses and the war for talent continues to heat up. For companies looking to hire, whether graduates or senior leaders, it’s important to communicate successes. PR will help to shout about new wins, innovative new products or great new hires – sharing good news is not only positive for morale and retaining staff, but will support recruitment efforts.

Securing investment

When a business is looking for investment, it isn’t the time to stay quiet. Well-timed, strategic communications should support efforts to demonstrate a brand’s USPs, its continued growth and cultivate a positive reputation as a growing, successful, innovative and forward-thinking business.

Driving leads and new enquiries

While PR is often focused – and rightly so – on delivering long-term objectives, it also plays a crucial role in short-term goals such as helping to drive new enquiries. An effective PR strategy should work alongside business development efforts, working together to boost sales and increase turnover.

Supporting business objectives

ESG is undeniably growing in focus – PR is a key component not only in compiling reports and ensuring that measurement is accurate, but in understanding what the key goals should be. PR professionals will be able to highlight any concerns and tackle any emerging issues.

Supporting change management

Major internal changes can prove a challenging roadblock for business – PR is key in aiding the process and easing the transition. Working alongside HR teams, PR professionals can ensure that internal and external communication is clear and effective. Similarly, major events like a merger or an acquisition will undoubtedly prove more straightforward, with fewer bumps in the road, with a clear PR strategy.

Repairing a damaged reputation

For a business that has experienced reputational damage, a solid PR plan will be essential in rebuilding trust and getting a brand back on the road to recovery.

PR offers businesses a multitude of benefits, both short and long-term. Happily, while measurement has proven challenging in the past, the advent of digital PR and improved data and analytics tools means that we are more able to quantify results.

If you’d like to discuss what PR can do for your business, feel free to give me a call – 07927042054.

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