Could a freelance marketing manager be the answer for your business?

Marketing is vital for any business, whatever its size or industry. But what if you need marketing support – someone working closely with your business to craft and deliver a strategy to support sales – but you aren’t yet ready to hire a full-time marketing manager? A freelance marketing manager could be the answer. Businesses outsource their marketing for many reasons, short and long-term, with great results.

What is outsourced marketing?

Outsourced marketing means handing over the reins for your company’s marketing activities to a third party, whether a marketing agency or a freelancer. A business may outsource the entirety of its marketing – everything from strategy and SEO to PR – while others will select specific elements. Could it be a potential solution for your company, supporting business development plans to drive growth?

A 2024 survey of 3,000 marketers revealed 46% of companies outsourced some aspects of their marketing, while recent data from YouGov showed 11% outsource marketing and 11% outsource PR. 

Perhaps surprisingly, the figures don’t vary a great deal according to business size; 14% of large businesses outsource marketing in comparison to 13% of medium businesses and 7% of small businesses. Almost one-fifth of medium sized businesses are also outsourcing their PR.  

How does outsourced marketing work?

Businesses can choose to outsource all their marketing needs, hiring a freelance marketing manager or an agency to handle everything from strategy and planning through to SEO, content creation and PPC, or just individual elements of it. 

Marketing Week found that almost a quarter hired agencies or freelancers in 2024 to bridge a gap, whether in manpower or skills. Digital marketing is the most outsourced element, followed by content creation, public relations and market research. 9.5% chose to outsource their social media. 

Perhaps your business has an established marketing team, but a lack of specialist skills such as PPC, SEO or digital PR; it is common to see these elements outsourced to a freelancer or an agency.  For smaller businesses with ambitious growth plans, outsourced marketing could well prove a more cost-effective and agile solution than building a team in-house, securing the results with less risk. 

There are many benefits in outsourcing your marketing. For smaller companies, it may not be the right time to hire a full-time marketer. For others, a well-established in-house team may require more hands on deck, whether short or long-term, or may lack the specialist skills to deliver a project. 

While some businesses will require retained marketing consultancy, with a certain level of support delivered each month, others may need support with individual projects – perhaps there’s a new property development to launch with a smart digital strategy alongside offline PR. Another company may need to create a new website, requiring support with building the site, project managing it through to completion and writing compelling copy. 

There are many scenarios where outsourced marketing is the most effective strategy for a business, whether short term or long-term.

Other benefits include efficiency and the ability to take an agile, flexible approach according to the needs of the business; for some, there may be seasonal campaigns that can be switched on and off. 

What should I look for when outsourcing my marketing?

The best outsourced marketers, whether an agency or a freelancer, will take the time to understand your business, your brand and what makes you tick. Over time, they will become an extended part of your team; a cliché nowadays perhaps but certainly no less important. For smaller businesses, your marketing advisor should be someone you can trust and be open with; their knowledge will be needed not only when things are going well, but when things get a bit tricky. It’s important that you feel comfortable sharing the business’ goals and objectives, as well as the risks. 

It’s also worth thinking about specialist knowledge – for example, if you’re in real estate it’s sensible to try and find a freelance marketing consultant or a marketing agency with experience in your industry. For specialist sectors like law, whoever you choose will need to understand the way the industry operates, while their specialist insight and network will be invaluable as you grow.

Personality is key; an individual or agency team will need to work closely with your business, whether your leadership team or an in-house marketing manager. Are they the right fit for your company? Cultural fit is as important as making a full-time hire when it comes to outsourcing your marketing.   

Finally, look for a strong track record and solid testimonials – has the individual or agency delivered great work? What are people saying about them? Take the time to do thorough due diligence and understand what their SLA looks like – how often should you expect status updates and are targets in place?

Is there anything I shouldn’t outsource?

There aren’t any specific elements within a marketing strategy that shouldn’t ever be outsourced. However, there are aspects that carry more risk, particularly where your agency or freelancer will be engaging directly with your customers, such as social media. When it comes to social media, it’s vital that whoever you choose to appoint has a solid grasp of your brand, its values and its communication style. Clear guidelines and expectations will help to stave off any potential issues.

Could outsourced marketing work for my business?

Many companies outsource their marketing with great success, from PR through to SEO and content creation. With the right person or agency in place, it can work well for everyone. If you’d like to understand what outsourced PR and marketing might look like for your business, or are interested in hiring a freelance marketing manager, get in touch via or give me a call on 07927042054. 

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Could a freelance marketing manager be the answer for your business?

Businesses can choose to outsource all of their marketing needs, from strategy and planning through to the likes of SEO, content creation and PPC, or just individual elements of it. Could outsourced marketing work for your business?
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