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What is Synapse and could it really be the end for email pitches?   

The launch of the Synapse platform has caused controversy within the PR industry this week - but what is it all about and what does it mean for PR? Is it really the end for email pitches?
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What can PR do for my business?

Since January, I’ve received a lot of calls from business owners who are keen to understand the role PR can play as part of their marketing strategy. They know that PR is important and want to know what it can do for their company. Hopefully this blog offers some answers for those wondering whether PR is appropriate, whether it warrants the financial investment and, crucially, how results will be measured.
Chris O'Shea

British Gas’ brand cannot be rehabilitated by deflecting blame

British Gas is a damaged brand that will need an honest, sincere approach to this latest crisis if its reputation is to be rehabilitated. What it doesn’t need are cynical attempts to deflect blame for its failure to protect vulnerable customers.
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Don’t be left behind on ESG – why it matters and how to get started

During 2023 companies should at the very least seek to form a reliable picture of how their organisation compares across the key elements of ESG, flagging any problematic elements that require improvement.
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Hiring the right Freelance PR consultant

There's no shortage of brilliant Freelance PR professionals but it's important to find the right consultant for your business.
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2022 CIPR National Conference: Influencing the Future

The 2022 CIPR Conference focused on Influencing the Future. Read an overview of the key takeaways and the trends set to shape PR in the coming year.

Communicating through COVID-19 – think long-term, add value and celebrate success

Effective communication has never been more important. It’s essential to strike the right tone and, above all, add value.

Businesses must put people before profit to survive Covid-19 with their brand and reputation intact


Reputation, ethical tech and fighting the good fight – CIPR National Conference 2019

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